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Silver Indian Shamshir

Origin: North India
Date: 19th Century
Size: 29 inches total length
Ref: DA009


A fine Indian Shamshir with silver Tulwar hilt made for a adolescent male. The highly stylized hilt is of solid silver featuring a flutedĀ grip and chiselled quilon block section with both quillons and langet being pierced, the former pierced with floral decoration. Remnants of a silver sheet overlay can be seen on areas of the hilt.

The deeply curved blade is of Shamshir type and is forged from Wootz steel displaying an active watered pattern of medium contrast.

Complete with its original red velvet over wood scabbard which retains its charming silver throat locket.

See the 1998 Butterfield & Butterfield Dr Leo S. Figiel catalogue p.53 for a similar example which most probably comes from the same workshop as this example.