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Rare Tiger Tooth Khanjar

Origin: North India
Date: Late 18th, early 19th Century
Size: 12 inches
Ref: DA001


A fine example of the Indian Tiger Tooth Khanjar.

The hilt comprises of a two piece ivory grip section with steel grip straps and faceted bolsters, all entirely decorated with gold Koftgari in floral fashion. The lunar shaped pommel is of a form that is not typically found on Tiger Tooth Khanjars as they are generally characterized by the three lobed pommel. The pommel is finished with a lanyard type fitting with open work design.

The double edged blade displays clean lines and is forged from fine Wootz steel with a polished edge contrasted with a central panel of dark Wootz providing a pleasing aesthetic. The forte displays open work design embellished with gold Koftgari. A thick central rib runs the length of the blade terminating in a thickened diamond section tip. Late 18th, early 19th century.