• Inscribed Sosun Pata
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  • Inscribed Sosun Pata
  • Inscribed Sosun Pata
  • Inscribed Sosun Pata
  • Inscribed Sosun Pata
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Inscribed Sosun Pata

Origin: North/Central India
Date: Early 19th Century
Size: 42 inches
Ref: DA013


A rare Inscribed Sosun Pata of Hindu form, central India, early 19th century.

The Basket type hilt is decorated with heavily applied gold Koftgari work to the langette, quillons, the outer face of the knuckle guard, rim of the pommel and pommel spike.

The blade retains its fine original polish and features a thick application of gold Koftgari in foliate design at the forte. An inscription in Devanagari script is found on the spine of the blade that reads:

‘śrī māhārāja Vājā balavaṃtā sā jā na sāsana katā banāyā …’

‘the sāsana katā (sword) was made (by) order of King Vājā Balavant …’

Comes complete with a later red velvet over wood scabbard.

A special thank you to Clifford Wright, Professor of Sanskrit at SOAS University for deciphering the inscription.