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Gold Hunting Knife

Origin: North India
Date: Early 19th Century
Size: 18 inches
Ref: DA003


A rare Hindu hunting knife.

The faceted iron hilt is entirely decorated in gold Koftgari featuring a┬ádepiction of the Hindu deity ‘Ganesh’. Hunting scenes cover the rest of the hilt with lions, chained elephants, antelope, a figure on horseback, an armed nobleman, sun-in-splendour traditionally known as ‘Sooraj Parkash’ and floral design coming together in an interesting ensemble of floral and fauna decoration.

The bi-fullered pattern welded steel blade is struck with eye-lash marks with the back edge containing a gold mantra inscription evoking the Hindu God ‘Ram’. Gold decoration is also applied to the forte area of the blade.

Complete with its original brown leather over wood scabbard. Early 19th century.